While the Crypto Market Was Hemorrhaging Value, These Tokens Mooned

Why do certain altcoins moon? It’s a question that all crypto holders have pondered at some stage while enviously eyeing the ascent of a token that wasn’t even on their radar, let alone their portfolio. If the performance of obscure tokens in a bull market is discombobulating, how to explain such breakouts in a deep bear market? Over the last seven days, a minority of digital assets have inexplicably posted impressive gains.
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Market Goes Down, Random Coins Go Up Over the past week, while the crypto market was shedding half its value, a handful of coins picked the worst time to perform their best. These obscure low cap and low volume cryptos witnessed the sort of gains that haven’t been seen since the halcyon days of 2017. In hindsight, these coins would have provided a rare chance to profit in this most turbulent of weeks. However, the devil is in the details, as the..