Bitcoin Cash Meetups Go Virtual in Japan to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Japan’s crypto community has found a way for those seeking to avoid crowded places to still participate in meetups across the country.
According to sources available to Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meetup groups in Osaka and Tokyo will be allowing members to virtually chime in at regularly scheduled events.
Though Japan has less than 1000 reported cases of infection, companies and organizers in the birthplace of crypto are starting to offer more suggestive language in announcements ..

Bakkt Announces New Direct Payment Integration with Starbucks

A major digital asset platform is making it even easier to order that double espresso with an extra shot.
Starbucks mobile app users will soon be given the option to pay for their drinks with “Bakkt Cash.” Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), parent company of the Bitcoin derivatives provider, had declared back in August 2018 that the coffee giant was looking at retail applications for crypto payments.
Today, Bakkt President Adam White announced the new payment integration with Starbucks on ..

Changing the Universal Gravitation in the Financial Industry

Acquiring financial knowledge is priceless nowadays and, to tell the truth, has always been. We live in times when the usage of fiat is steadily decreasing in the world’s top-GDP countries, and the cash era is meeting its end. Right now, most of the existing money in circulation is already digital, and while the digital age with the decade of e-money 2.0 steps in, one should gain a substantial understanding of how financial gravity works so as to not find themselves on the sidelines of..

4 Key Bitcoin Metrics Show Not All Hope Is Lost for BTC Price

Markets News
Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped to $3,700 for a brief period on March 12, ending the day at $4,970. By March 13, the price recovered from the major downtrend, ending the day at $5,563 and showing an impressive return of over 11%.

Cryptocurrency market daily performance. Source: Coin360
The recent market turmoil, whether in traditional markets or the crypto space, has raised questions on the price evolution for Bitcoin, as well as its crucial network features. Let’s take a look at fou..

CoinDCX To Allocate $1.3 Million to Indian Crypto Education

Crypto exchange CoinDCX has announced on March 12 a $1.3 million funding towards increasing awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies in India.
According to the company, the funds will go towards a long-term project called TryCrypto, which will seek to introduce 50 million Indian consumers to cryptocurrencies.
Items to be funded within TryCryptoEducational programs, seminars, workshops, and distance courses are among the fronts that the CoinDCX initiative aims to finance, representing 15..

Crypto Market Cap Hits $300 Billion But Bitcoin Dominance Down 6% YTD

Market Analysis
Today, as Bitcoin price (BTC) strives to achieve a new high, the crypto market achieved a $300 billion market capitalization. Over the past month, the figure has steadily increased from $218.4 billion to $303.1 billion, and the total market cap has gained 65.92% since the start of 2020.

Crypto market daily price chart. Source: Coin360
Earlier this week, Cointelegraph contributor Michaël van de Poppe discussed the significance of the crypto market cap reaching $300 billion.


A Mailbomber in the Netherlands Wants a BTC Payment to Stop Blowing Things Up

Two letter bombs exploded in the Netherlands on Wednesday and an anonymous criminal is asking for a Bitcoin payment to prevent future attacks, Dutch police say.
The first bomb went off at a postal sorting office in ABN Amro bank in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. The letter bomb exploded moments after a mailroom worker tossed away the package. “The colleague who was sorting the mail heard a hissing sound, and threw the package away,” Mr. van der Varst said.
The second explosion came less..