BTC Hashrate Follows Price Drop – 20% Lower Before Bitcoin Halving

Four days ago, digital currency markets lost billions and prices sank to levels not seen since last March. The market bloodbath has affected bitcoin miners as they are making fewer profits than they were a week prior. By Monday, March 16, BTC’s hashrate slid below the 100 exahash (EH/s) territory and the BCH hashrate fell below 4 EH/s. Moreover, BCH has 22 days left until the block reward gets cut in half and there are 56 days until the BTC halving.
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F2pool: ‘There’s Always a Lag in Hashrate Drops’ Cryptocurrency markets have lost a bunch of money during the last two weeks as more than $90 billion was erased from the market cap since the first week of March. At press time, BTC is hovering just below the $5K zone, while BCH is trading for $163 per coin. These prices have put intense pressure on miners hashing away at these two networks, and currently both networks have lost a good chu..

4 Key Bitcoin Metrics Show Not All Hope Is Lost for BTC Price

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Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped to $3,700 for a brief period on March 12, ending the day at $4,970. By March 13, the price recovered from the major downtrend, ending the day at $5,563 and showing an impressive return of over 11%.

Cryptocurrency market daily performance. Source: Coin360
The recent market turmoil, whether in traditional markets or the crypto space, has raised questions on the price evolution for Bitcoin, as well as its crucial network features. Let’s take a look at fou..

CoinDCX To Allocate $1.3 Million to Indian Crypto Education

Crypto exchange CoinDCX has announced on March 12 a $1.3 million funding towards increasing awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies in India.
According to the company, the funds will go towards a long-term project called TryCrypto, which will seek to introduce 50 million Indian consumers to cryptocurrencies.
Items to be funded within TryCryptoEducational programs, seminars, workshops, and distance courses are among the fronts that the CoinDCX initiative aims to finance, representing 15..

Bitcoin Games Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With Free Spins Promotion

The world needs a good cause to cheer right now in these tense times. Luckily, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this Tuesday, March 17. To celebrate the holiday and give players an extra reason to smile, Bitcoin Games is offering a new free spins promotion. The platform is a provably fair online casino where you can play popular games using BTC and BCH. Its Free Spins feature allows users to place free bets on a slot machine that awards real crypto winnings.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Bitcoin Games As the world prepares to mark the Feast of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, Bitcoin Games invites players to take part in the cultural celebration without the need to go out to crowded events or even leave the house. The online platform is offering a special holiday promotion based on Lucky Lady’s Clover, a slot game inspired by Irish folklore.
“From pots of gold and rainbows to clover leave..

Bitcoin Reacts to Fed’s 0% Rate Drop, Reserve Requirements Removed, $700B in Stimulus

On Sunday, the U.S. Federal Reserve slashed the benchmark short-term rate by 100 basis points bringing it to zero. In addition to the rate cut, the Fed promised $700 billion in bond purchases and eliminated all reserve requirements for smaller financial institutions. However, the Fed’s rate cut didn’t help financial markets as stock markets and futures products worldwide have continued to tumble.
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The Federal Reserve Slashed the Benchmark Rate to Zero – $700 Billion Will Stimulate Bond Markets The coronavirus outbreak has caused an economic meltdown of wide proportions and it has invoked central banks worldwide to leverage aggressive monetary policy. On March 15, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced that it was cutting the benchmark short-term rate by 100 bps and plans to inject $700 billion into bond markets. Moreover, the Fed removed reserve requirement buffers on Sunday, which allow..

While the Crypto Market Was Hemorrhaging Value, These Tokens Mooned

Why do certain altcoins moon? It’s a question that all crypto holders have pondered at some stage while enviously eyeing the ascent of a token that wasn’t even on their radar, let alone their portfolio. If the performance of obscure tokens in a bull market is discombobulating, how to explain such breakouts in a deep bear market? Over the last seven days, a minority of digital assets have inexplicably posted impressive gains.
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Market Goes Down, Random Coins Go Up Over the past week, while the crypto market was shedding half its value, a handful of coins picked the worst time to perform their best. These obscure low cap and low volume cryptos witnessed the sort of gains that haven’t been seen since the halcyon days of 2017. In hindsight, these coins would have provided a rare chance to profit in this most turbulent of weeks. However, the devil is in the details, as the..